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The common viewers have an anxiety for Ratnakar Matkari's dramas and they are sure of getting something new to view and to hear from his dramas. The special feature which we have noticed in this dramatist is that, his thoughts start right from that point, where the thoughts of a common man stop.
- Mangesh Tendulkar
Ratnakar Matkari is a versatile and talented artist. Since 1955 till date, i.e. for the last half century, his long-lasting art-regime is consistently prospering. As an artist, his personality has a number of facets like a writer, director-producer in the television and feature film media, a self-learned painter and so on.

In the field of literature, he has written a number of quality stage plays, dramas, plays for children, stories, novels and number of articles on various subjects. He can be meaningfully described as an artisan of the new era on the Marathi stage. He has worked in all the three fields of the stage, viz. professional, experimental and children-plays. His all-round workmanship there covers drama-writing, direction, resolving music and stage-craft, drapery, acting and production as well. His devotion for the stage with the help of his artist wife Pratibha Matkari, and through his three play-houses, viz. 'Balanatya', 'Sutradhaar' and 'Mahadwar', is absolutely self-less, remarkable and very valuable. His being a painter has helped him a lot in his creativity in the fields of literature, drama, and other art-medias.

Experimenting attitude, limitless creative energy, spirit, quest for always doing something new and the balance between being introvert and extrovert at the same time as well, are the distinguishing features of Matkari's personality as an artist. Creation with the help of minimum possible means and to take it to the maximum possible people, is the essence of his creativity.

Mr.Matkari has won a number of awards and honors as an artist. But the affection and admiration for his literature by Marathi as well as other readers, is the most valuable honor for him. The dramas like Dubhang', 'Ashwamedh', 'Javai maza bhala', 'Ghar tighanche have', written by him , have created the everlasting place in the minds of the viewers. The musical play 'Char diwas premache' has been presented for more than 850 times and it's translated versions in Hindi as well as in Gujarathi have also achieved success. On the parallel stage, 'Prem-kahani' and 'Aranyak' have received honors. 'Lokakatha -78' has proved itself as a successful play because of the depth, range and the scale of its subject. Still this play is being presented in both the Marathi and Hindi language. The childhood of the last two generations is enjoying the childplays like 'Nimma shimma rakshas', 'Albatya galbatya', 'Achat ga vachi afat mavashi'

Enigmatic stories which are largely related to the reality, have been gifted by him to the readers. Since the age of sixteen, this writer-director is continuously being very active in this field, and proven himself as an exceptional all-round personality in the world of Marathi literature and stage.
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